Allison’s Easter Message

Last Sunday, our Youth Council President, Allison Vowels, provided a beautiful message for our Sunrise Service. It is a wonderful talk on Faith, that we wanted to use it for this week’s blog. Enjoy! And, thank you Allison!

Mrs. Tracey

From Allison:

So, have you guys ever been driving down an unfamiliar road in the pitch black

night with your headlights on, not knowing the entire road ahead, but only knowing

enough of what’s to come so that you can get through the next little bit of your journey?

I experienced this a couple of weeks ago and as I was realizing how scary all

those dark twists and turns can be, “Trust in You” by: Lauren Daigle came on the radio,

which says “truth is, you know what tomorrow brings, there’s not a day ahead you have

not seen.”


Isn’t that kind of like life? And as Christians in our faith, that’s how we need to

trust in the road and the different twists and turns ahead; we need to trust in Jesus on our walk with Christ.


I remember that moment, feeling nervous and uncertain about where the road

was going to lead, but then I had to sit back and realize that Christ has this covered and

knows the path ahead and what is best for me.


In John 13: 7 which says “You do not realize what I am doing, but later you will

understand,” Jesus tells the disciples that in the long run it will all make sense, even if

right now it might be a little bit confusing. This can be confusing because it is having

completely blind faith in something you can’t see. Like how I couldn’t see the whole

road ahead, how the disciples were blind to what was to come and could only trust in

the words spoken to them, and like how we must trust in Christ fully.


In Luke 24, we can read about men on their journey to Emmaus and about how

Jesus was with them on that entire journey, knowing what was to come for them in

verse 36 “Jesus himself stood among them.” Jesus knows what’s ahead of us even

while he is there in the car with us and on the journey with us. Even though we are Christians, it doesn’t mean we won’t have the struggles that we will have to deal with. It’s important to know Jesus is still with you and to keep your faith in those dark times; in those times when Jesus knows the whole path ahead, but we are stuck in the scary darkness right in front of us.


Being a Christian prepares us to be strong in those times as well. Our journey can go uphill to the mountaintops where it can be extremely easy to find God, like it is for me on mission trips. I can truly see God everywhere, whether it be on the smile on your clients’ face after doing an easy task, or the amazing cooks, or the amount of times you can laugh and build memories with your work team and church family, as well as getting to

fellowship and meet so many new faces of youth, just like us wanting to be disciples of

Christ. Also, on the mission trip note, I can’t wait for Lovington this year! Mission trip is

the best time of the year and it is because of all those mountain top experiences that

are shared by all.

But another thing about being a Christian is to remember that God is also there on the journey downhill to the valleys. Finding Christ can be a little tough in those moments. I know personally I have had a lot of loss and heartache this year and knowing that God is always there in every part of the journey is an important thing to remember. It has only helped to strengthen my faith like how the disciples trusted in Jesus in their times of persecution.


In Acts 9 we see Saul on his journey to becoming Paul and in verses 3-4 it says

“As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around

him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him “Saul,Saul, why do you

persecute me?’” Even in Paul’s moments where he was most broken, and the most

far from God, God was Guiding him, chasing him down, and pursuing him. Saul was a

man who was persecuting Jesus and his followers threatening truly horrible things, and

yet Jesus was there to question him and bring him to be the apostle that he ended up



Our journey continues this Easter Day and Jesus lightens the path better than

any car. God’s eternal plan was to join believing Jews and Gentiles together to offer his

grace and love to all people. The fact that this was God’s plan from the beginning and

that he sacrificed his son so that we won’t have to suffer, that he cared about us before

we knew he existed, it blows me away.


In Ephesians 3: 8 which was written by Paul saying “Although I am less than the

least of all the Lord’s people, this grace was given to me: to preach to the Gentiles the

boundless riches of Christ.” We see how humbled and impacted Paul is by receiving

this gift from Christ in his crucifixion that Paul dedicated his life to the ministry of

sharing it with others. When we fully receive the gift we’ve been given by God, we feel

it in our bones, it humbles us, and it changes us. We are driven to share the gospel and

be a light in the darkness, as a living example of him.


In the song Reckless Love by Cory Asbury the lyrics “I couldn’t earn it. I don’t

deserve it. Still you gave yourself away” is talking about the love that Jesus showed for

us when going to the cross to be crucified. This really shows the love that he has for us,

the “overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God” Just knowing that we serve a

God who cared enough to dwell in our sin is overwhelming. It is awe inspiring and yet

still humbling, knowing that he loves us so much to give us the gifts that he has given us

like Paul experienced, and that he watches over us on our different and individual

journeys with our walk with Him.


Easter is a day that embodies this precious gift that God gives us in the

crucifixion and resurrection of his son. We get to celebrate the goodness of the gift of

eternal life with Jesus, get to celebrate that we were not just made good, but made new,

brought to life in Jesus. And the best part of all is he was not done with us. God did all

of this so he could have intimate and individual relationships with each of us, and is still

doing that today. Just as Romans 8:11 says “If the spirit of him who raised Jesus from

the dead dwells in you, he who raised Jesus Christ from the dead will also give life to

your mortal bodies through the spirit who dwells in you.” This allows us to trust in the

living and active God who leads and guides our every step BECAUSE of the way Jesus

made for us in his resurrection which we get to celebrate today. Just as we don’t know

what lies ahead, and we must trust in him, the disciples didn’t know what lied ahead

and still trusted Jesus as well.


Easter is a great time to reflect on everything Jesus did for us, that he

suffered so that we didn’t have to. This is such a humbling thing to think about. He

loved us enough to die in our place, even though he is perfect, knowing full well we

would sin and that we would fail him daily. He died and gave us a reason to share God’s

grace and love through the special gifts that he gives us. We need to remember that

everything we have is from him, so everything we must do is to glorify him.


In John 14: 2 we see that Jesus has already gone ahead of us to prepare the

way and knows what’s waiting for us. The scripture reads “My Father’s house has many

rooms: if that were not so, would I have told you I am going there to prepare a place for

you?” How exciting is that. Not only did he redeem us from our sin in this life but he

raised up to life so that we can live with him forever. He has gone home to prepare a

room for us and is excited for us to see him there. One of the most honoring things we

can do as a response to this good news is praise him. Let us worship his holy name!

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  1. Tracey Cox says:

    Such a good message on Faith and the gift of grace given by Jesus with His death on the cross. We don’t know what lies ahead, but our faith is in the One who does!

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