Happy March!

Today marks the beginning of a new month and a new message to focus on as a group: Choices!
REMEMBER? When we packed suitcases at Youth last week, all three groups said “make good choices”.  It must really be important, then, right?
What choices are you making today, tomorrow, or next week? Maybe your choices revolve around what to wear, where to go for lunch, or when to start your homework. You might even be asking if you should sign up for Mission Trip or not. Choices aren’t always easy.
But, some of your choices seem more critical. What classes will I take next year? Where should I go to college or trade school? What steps should I take to prepare for caring for myself after High School? Bigger choices seem to stress us out, and as much as we try not to, we sometimes take way tolong agonizing over these decisions.
But, even, after you evaluate these choices, you have even bigger decisions to make in your life… Do I choose to believe in God? Do I trust what I think is Jesus guiding my heart?  Do I go to Church, read my Bible, or pray to further develop my understanding of God?
Unfortunately, we spend A LOT of time thinking about the minor choices and not as much time thinking about the BIG choices. Let’s spend this month intentionally thinking about and choosing Jesus. The more we look to Him, the more He will make the other choices in our life easier to decide.
Yours in Christ,
Tracey Cox
Director of Youth Ministries

4 Responses to “Happy March!”

  1. Holly Killough says:

    Good words, Tracey!

  2. Kelsey Cox says:

    But, we must also remember that these decisions will not be the end of the world. Great reminders! Thanks!

  3. Tracey Cox says:

    You are correct in that the minor choices are usually not the end of the world. The big choices regarding our walk with Christ, however, are key to our life eternal in the kingdom with Jesus. Thanks for your comments!

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